Trees play an important part in the landscape. When choosing where and what tree to plant there are many factors to consider. While it’s important to look down at the soil, it’s just as important to look up. Utility lines may appear high at the time of initial planting, but keep in mind a tree’s ultimate height and width at maturity. Selecting the right tree at initial planting will reduce possible power outages and lessen the need for pruning due to utility lines.

Planting trees near power lines is possible, but the height and width of the tree should be taken into consideration. There are a number of wonderful tree options that will work in most situations, including many Magnolia and Dogwood varieties, the Eastern Redbud and American Hornbeam tree. Oftentimes smaller growing trees offer additional beautiful characteristics, such as spring flowers and interesting fruit. If a taller tree is desired, ensure it is planted far away from utility lines.  According to ComEd, 92% of tree-related power interruptions occur because healthy tree branches have broken and come into contact with power lines. Avoid possible power outages by planting for the future now!

Eastern Redbud tree


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