Hydration For Safety and Peak Performance

Larch - Hydration

It has been an extremely dry spring in our area along with hot temperatures, which appears to be continuing into the summer season. This is great news for beach seekers and water park enthusiasts, but these types of conditions prevent challenges for our trees as well as for anyone who works outside. Hydration is critical […]

Properly Watering Your Trees

Tree Planting - Properly Watering Your Trees

All living things need water to survive, from bacteria to giant Sequoias. All organisms, plants, and animals use water: salty or fresh, hot or cold, massive amounts of water, or almost no water at all. Without water, life would not exist. This year’s spring season has offered little rainfall to mention. Chicago and surrounding suburbs […]

PHC on the Lookout – Not just People become Stressed!

There are many events that occur in our daily lives that cause stress. Job deadlines, kid’s activities and social commitments can all lead to a busy and possibly stressful period in our lives. Trees and shrubs may not deal with these issues, but they do experience stress. Plant stress occurs for a number of reasons. […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continue Watering!

Don’t put that hose away yet! With temperatures in the Chicago area expected to reach the upper 40’s this week, watering is still crucial to the landscape. Although many trees and shrubs appear dormant, they still continue to require our attention. To minimize winter water loss and winter burn, ensure your landscape is receiving adequate […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continue Watering Evergreens!

Although temperatures are beginning to drop, evergreen trees and shrubs continue to require our attention. The dry conditions in our area increase the amount of stress placed on trees and shrubs, including evergreens. To minimize winter water loss and winter burn, ensure evergreens receive adequate moisture.  Water all evergreens during dry weather periods, until the […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continuing Drought Conditions Affect Area Landscapes

While the lack of snow and mild temperatures early this winter may be a welcome change for Chicago residents, it adds additional stress for trees and shrubs that have already suffered through the drought experienced last year. Often, plants that have suffered through drought conditions are more vulnerable to other plant diseases and insects. These […]

PHC on the Lookout – Older Trees Need Water Too!

It may be common knowledge that new plantings require initial watering, until the plants become well established, but many people do not realize that more mature trees and shrubs may also need added moisture. This becomes especially necessary in times of severe plant stress, such as the drought experienced this year. While we have received […]

Tip of the Week – Winterizing the Landscape

Old Man Winter is just around the corner. The typical Midwest winter brings icy temperatures and cold winds that can really do damage to the landscape. Taking a few precautionary steps in the fall will make a big difference the next growing season. First and foremost, continue to water newly planted trees and shrubs until […]

PHC on the Lookout – Keep Watering!

  While Summer is coming to an end, the dry conditions our region experienced have not ended. It’s still important to water newly planted trees and shrubs and other plants that are vulnerable to drought stress. Until our region receives adequate rainfall, landscape plants will continue to experience drought stress symptoms. This includes leaves dropping […]

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