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While Summer is coming to an end, the dry conditions our region experienced have not ended. It’s still important to water newly planted trees and shrubs and other plants that are vulnerable to drought stress. Until our region receives adequate rainfall, landscape plants will continue to experience drought stress symptoms. This includes leaves dropping and trees and shrubs changing to their Fall colors early. Already, many homeowners in the Chicagoland area are dealing with these changes.   

Trees and shrubs generally prefer a deep, infrequent soaking, as opposed to smaller, more frequent watering. Ideally, provide vulnerable trees and shrubs with an inch of water per week. Soaker hoses are great for providing slow trickles of water directly to the plant’s root system.

Winter snowfall also adds moisture to the soil and helps aid dry, parched landscapes. If adequate snowfall does not occur, supplemental watering may need to be done. This should be done before the ground freezes. In addition, proper mulching in the Fall will ensure moisture stays near the plants root system, rather than running off the landscape.

Please contact Kramer Tree Specialists to discuss any questions you may have about your trees and shrubs. We can suggest additional watering methods.

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