Are Your Trees Prepared for the Winter?

Tree Care During the Winter Time

As temperatures become steadily colder and the sun sets just a bit earlier than we would prefer, wrapping up outside yard work becomes a priority.  Beyond the obvious chores of raking up fallen leaves, tidying the shed or garage of garden tools, a little attention and thought should also be given to the following;   […]

Tip of the Week – Winter Activity in the Garden

Snow falling quietly over trees and shrubs, burying perennials and putting an end to last minute fall season chores. The white blanket gently lies over the garden, putting everything to sleep. The garden appears so quiet and calm. All life is dormant for the winter, or is it? There is plenty of winter garden activity, […]

Arbor-Culture – Winter Work

Tree Climbing

Yes, we work in the winter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if we work in the winter. People are always shocked with my answer. They ask questions like “what do you do?” and comment that “It’s so cold out!” My answer to what we do in the winter is “tree […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continue Watering!

Don’t put that hose away yet! With temperatures in the Chicago area expected to reach the upper 40’s this week, watering is still crucial to the landscape. Although many trees and shrubs appear dormant, they still continue to require our attention. To minimize winter water loss and winter burn, ensure your landscape is receiving adequate […]

Tip of the Week – Tree Pruning Reminder

The beautiful leaf color that is just beginning to show is a reminder of what is around the corner: winter. Bare, winter trees are ideal pruning candidates and for some tree varieties, this is the only recommended season for pruning. For example, Oak trees are best pruned during their dormant period to lessen the chances […]

Tip of the Week – What’s That Tree?

Winter tree identification requires knowledge and careful study. While it’s easy to distinguish between an evergreen and deciduous tree in the winter, it is much more difficult to differentiate between specific varieties and species, especially when a deciduous tree has lost its leaves. In the winter, a Certified Arborist uses other clues, besides leaves, to […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continue Watering Evergreens!

Although temperatures are beginning to drop, evergreen trees and shrubs continue to require our attention. The dry conditions in our area increase the amount of stress placed on trees and shrubs, including evergreens. To minimize winter water loss and winter burn, ensure evergreens receive adequate moisture.  Water all evergreens during dry weather periods, until the […]

Tip of the Week – Protect Susceptible Evergreens during hard Chicago Winters

Brown, dead needles and brittle twigs and buds are all possible indicators of a desiccated or dehydrated evergreen. While deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter, evergreens retain foliage and protect themselves from winter water loss with a variety of natural protection mechanisms. Even with these protections, a warm sunny day during the dormant […]

Kramer Tree Specialists Office Hours Changing with the Seasons!

This Saturday, October 19th will be the last weekend the KTS office and mulch yard are open on weekends. Saturday hours will resume the spring of 2014. In addition, KTS office hours during the week are changing soon. Starting October 28th, the KTS office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. […]

Still Considering Tree Work this Winter?

Kramer Tree Specialists offers a 15% discount on certain tree work approved during the winter months or dormant season. The discounted dormant season services are pruning or trimming, tree removals and installation of cable bracing. The last date to receive this discount is March 1st, which is fast approaching! Call our office today to authorize […]

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