Pruning services safely performed by KTS
Pruning services safely performed by KTS

The beautiful leaf color that is just beginning to show is a reminder of what is around the corner: winter. Bare, winter trees are ideal pruning candidates and for some tree varieties, this is the only recommended season for pruning. For example, Oak trees are best pruned during their dormant period to lessen the chances for serious disease transmissions, such as Oak Wilt.  American Elm trees also fall into this category to reduce the risk of spreading Dutch Elm Disease.

Experienced arborists and tree climbers are able to identify branches that should be removed, even when the leaves have dropped. The tree offers clues and indicators that make it apparent to a trained eye which branches should be removed or pruned.

Kramer Tree Specialists offers dormant season services, which include pruning, tree removal and tree cable brace installation. These services are offered at a discount when completed during the winter months when trees are dormant. Our dormant season discount period begins December 1st of each year.  Call us today for your tree pruning recommendations!

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