94ada demo tree
Todd Kramer (In tree), Demonstration Tree, TCI Expo 2011 Hartford, CT

It was another great success at this year’s TCI Expo in Hartford, Connecticut.  Despite the snow and power outages throughout the State of Connecticut, the Expo went on and had a great attendance.  The TCI Expo is an annual event put on by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and it displays all of the latest products to the tree care industry.   This Expo also provides a venue for all TCIA Accredited tree care companies to congregate and share ideas and practices in order to continue the advancement of the tree care industry.

As a TCIA Accredited company ourselves, we adhere to industry standards for quality and safety, maintain trained and professional staff, and dedicate ourselves to ethics and quality in our day to day business practices.

Our very own, Todd Kramer, was a speaker at the Expo presenting topics on Crane Removal Safety and Rigging Forces.  Todd also conducted training at the demonstration tree on the main tradeshow floor, providing live training regarding rigging forces and how they can be used to safely remove a tree.


To learn more tree removals and rigging forces, check out an article Todd wrote for the November 2011 Volume of the TCI Magazine, entitled “Managing Rigging Forces”.

92302 rigging seminar
Todd Kramer (Front), Rigging Seminar, TCI Expo Hartford, CT






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