Dead Ash trees
Dead Ash trees

Illinois Ash trees have been hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer. Entire communities have been devastated by the damage. While treatment options are available, many Ash trees are past this point and are no longer good candidates for treatment, especially if they haven’t been previously treated. It would be best to consult a Certified Arborist first to make the best determination for your tree or trees.

Do you have an Ash tree that has succumbed to Emerald Ash Borer damage? Now is the perfect time to have it removed. Kramer Tree Specialists offers a 15% dormant season discount on tree pruning, tree removals and cable bracing installation. The last date to receive this discount is March 1st. Call our office today for more information or click here for more details on the dormant season discount.

A removed Ash tree gives the homeowner the perfect opportunity to replace the tree with a more disease-resistant tree species. Carefully consider the desired characteristics in the replacement tree. The Chicago Botanic Garden has information and ideas on Ash tree replacement options.

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