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Live indoor greenery instantly brings holiday cheer to a home. Whether you’re bringing an entire tree inside or decorating with branches, there are a variety of Evergreen trees and shrubs that will fit the bill. Use these tips to find the Evergreen that best suits your needs.

Evergreen trees vary in color, needle shape and retention, tree shape and even aroma. For example, Scotch Pine trees have dark green, stiff needles that hold well on the tree. This makes for less of a mess in the home. On the other hand, White Spruce trees have a bluish green needle color and drop needles very easily. The Fir tree family has many wonderful varieties that make excellent holiday choices. Douglas Firs have soft, green needles and emit a sweet, camphor smell when crushed.  Balsam Firs have dark green foliage, a pyramidal shape and a lovely evergreen scent. White Fir trees have soft, blue-green needles that release a lemony scent when crushed. All the described Fir trees have excellent needle retention, which means less clean up. There are other Evergreen varieties that are commonly used as fresh cut holiday trees. Each has their own benefits. Research the options you discover locally to make the most informed decision.  

Another option for live greenery indoors is a living tree that is planted outdoors after the holidays. Local nurseries often offer container grown Evergreen trees that are suitable for planting outdoors in our region. These trees can be decorated for the holidays indoors and planted outdoors afterwards. Keep in mind, the tree will need a chance to acclimate to the cold weather outdoors after spending the holidays inside. Planting too soon will shock the tree, not unlike the shock people feel when first encountering cold, blustery winds!

In addition to trees, there are a variety of Evergreen shrubs with beautiful greenery that make excellent holiday decorations. Female Holly bushes produce bright red berries and have shiny, dark green leaves that brighten a home. Branches from Yew bushes can be pruned and made into wreathes or decorative trimmings. Ensure the decorations are kept out of children’s hands. Holly berries and other live Evergreens should not be eaten!

Bringing the outdoors inside for the winter holidays is a festive, natural way to enjoy Mother Nature all year long.

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