Whether you are replacing trees or adding new trees to the landscape, a successful long term relationship is a lot like being a matchmaker.   You need to match the conditions of your planting site(s) with the growing needs of the tree species selected.   Start by evaluating your planting site(s) growing conditions.   A list of ‘must have’ criteria to consider are:

  1. Amount of sunlight received during the growing season
  2. Look for microsite conditions of the chosen site(s) like type of soil, drainage/drainage history, exposure to the elements, slope & aspect, adjacent turf etc.
  3. Check for underground/overhead utilities, nearby structures, clearance and visibility etc.
  4. Sufficient room to accommodate crown size and root spread.
  5. Hardiness Zone and annual, seasonal precipitation received.

Now turn your attention to the needs of the desired tree species(s).   The requirements your desired tree species(s) selection has should be matched up to the particular “microsite conditions” of your chosen planting site(s).   Most post-planting problems can be avoided or at least minimized with a proper site/plant match being made.    This will ensure the best possible chance of a “successful long term relationship” with you and your newly planted tree.

To learn more about planting trees visit the Arborday Foundation website.

Harold Hoover, Board Certified Master Arborist


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