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Root Pruning Equipment

Root pruning is when the root system of a tree is neatly severed from the tree. Ordinarily, it is the outer portions of the root system that are pruned. This may be necessary in several situations. For example, during a construction project root pruning prior to any excavation, will protect the root systems of a tree from possible damage caused by ripping and tearing of the roots while the ground is being excavated. This may save a tree that would ordinarily be destroyed during an extensive construction project. Tree damage may occur in the form of broken branches and trunk wounds, but the most serious damage occurs underground and it’s important to protect a tree’s root system as much as possible.  Another situation when root pruning is useful is for tree disease prevention. Specifically, root pruning helps prevent diseases that are spread through root grafts. Root pruning isolates the diseased root system and prevents or minimizes the spread of the disease in the tree.  Examples of tree diseases that are spread through root grafts are Dutch Elm Disease and Oak Wilt. These are two very serious diseases that can take the life of a tree.

Kramer Tree Specialists uses specialized equipment to properly and accurately root prune tree roots. Please contact us for more information on root pruning and if it’s necessary for your situation. Our Certified Arborists will properly diagnose the tree and if it warrants root pruning.

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