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 Selective Pruning Principles from the International Society of Arboriculture by G. M. Moore 

“Topping” is still the number one offense to a tree that occurs around the world. There are many alternatives based on the clients concerns keeping the best interest of the tree in the forefront.

Many times we see the decline of a mature tree due to “flush cuts” inflicted years before or the lack of attention to the plane of the branch bark ridge.  A flush cut is when the limb is removed flush against the trunk, leaving no collar.  These cuts do not heal properly and therefore can leave the tree prone to insects, disease and a structurally compromised tree in the future.   Mature trees are particularly sensitive to poor pruning practices.   

A quote from Dr. Alex Shigo, a legendary leader in tree biology wrote: “As human beings get older, they often become increasingly intolerant of fools = old trees are the same!”

 Although our philosophy continues to be in the interest of the trees and education, the urban environment produces challenges when trying to strictly adhere to the principles of pruning practices.  The arboricultural industry is aware that the numerous principals are to provide a framework for professionalism.  When trees are causing damage to roofs or infringing onto neighbor’s properties/structures, our Certified Arborists are aware of future consequences and provide a pruning proposal that will be acceptable to both the client and the tree.

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