With the spring season comes the care of your landscape. This may be a Crabapple tree spray program or tree limb removal after a spring storm. Keep in mind that KTS offers a variety of payment options to make paying for the care of your landscape easy! In addition to calling us directly, KTS also offers an online payment option. This option can be used to take care of existing invoices for work already done or to pay in advance for pending applications.

To access this option, go to the KTS website and look for the orange “Pay Online” button that appears at the top right of each web page. Clicking this button instantly directs you to a page that asks for all pertinent information needed to process your approval accurately and efficiently. Be assured, your credit card information is kept secure.

Clients can now approve and pay for KTS work at any time, day or night. It’s never been so convenient to take care of your trees!

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