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Drought damaged tree

The summer of 2012 was a historic drought period for much of the country. In terms of plant stress, the combination of a wet spring and dry summer may make 2012 the worst drought year on record. It is still too soon to predict what this summer will bring, but trees and shrubs that experienced the drought last year will continue to feel its effects for some time to come. When a tree has experienced drought stress it is much more vulnerable to invaders such as boring insects and bark beetles and other secondary problems.

The May 2013 issue of the TCIA Tree Care Industry magazine has an informative and interesting article concerning drought stress on urban trees, which experience conditions much differently than forest grown trees. Click here to read the article and discover methods for managing the problems that may arise when urban trees experience drought stress.  In addition, Kramer Tree Specialists offers the services of Certified Arborists who will properly diagnose tree symptoms and propose treatment options. Call us for more information.

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