Identifying the pest, understanding acceptable levels and determining responsible treatment options will lead to healthy trees and limited impact to our urban forest and environment.


We have a variety of treatments that we provide your trees via injection or drenching of the soil surrounding your tree. These include our organic fertilizer, tree growth regulators, and various insecticides. Each of these have a specific purpose for helping your trees combat the challenges of our urban environment.


Many foliar diseases as well as insect problems require an application or series of applications, which could be a trunk or foliar treatment. Our PHC technicians have the tools to ensure complete coverage of your tree for effective results.


Anti-transpirant foliar treatments are excellent for protecting your evergreens from cold, dry winter winds. Avoid winter burn on your evergreens during the winter season.


Dormant Oil is an application that is applied to your trees before bud break in the spring.  This application targets overwintering pests before they become active and cause damage.  Dormant oil is an excellent application for minimizing insect damage on your trees. 


Growth regulators can be used on plants or pests. When used on plants, they help to direct resources in the tree toward targeted growth. We utilize this treatment to control vegetative growth, such as branch elongation. This is useful for trees growing in constricted spaces or along structures such as a home or building. The treatment redirects growth towards fine roots and defense mechanisms for the tree.

Scenarios of Use –

  • Trees growing in constricted root space, (i.e. parkways, islands, etc.)
  • Trees growing along buildings or homes
  • Trees stressed due to pests, disease or active construction
  • Insect growth regulator (IGR) for control of pests (i.e. Magnolia scale)


In most urban landscapes the soils have been significantly disturbed due to construction, road building, and other urban development. The effects of these activities produce compacted soils, poor drainage, and overall poor soil conditions for trees to thrive in.

To counter the negative effects of poor soil conditions, we can utilize a root collar excavation and/or vertical mulching.


Utilizing an air spade we are able to inspect the roots within the root collar zone, identify and remove any girdling root issues as well as address any potential root flare concerns. Identifying and exposing the root flare will help improve the growing conditions for your tree.


This application helps aerate the soil around your tree and introduce organic matter into the soil. Organic matter is an essential component of a healthy soil, along with increased oxygen from aeration. A series of radial trenches are created into the ground using our air spade and then injected with our leaf mulch.  


Organic Fertilization is a great application to help minimize stresses on your trees.  This application is a root injection into the soil underneath the canopy. The organic blend helps maintain proper health as well as increases the vitality of your trees.

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