Picea abies, common name, Norway Spruce, is a beautiful confier that is native to Europe. Norway Spruce is commonly found throughout the United States.  This tree is an evergreen with a pyramidal shape that tolerates a variety of different soil types.  It’s dark green needles and drooping branches make it a beautiful addition to your landscape and our urban forest. The dense branching structure will grow to about 25’-30’ wide and 40’-60’ tall at full maturity.   It is the fastest growing of all the Spruce trees and very resistant against common fungal diseases in our area such as cytospora and rhizosphaera needle cast. It is an excellent alternative to the problematic Colorado/Blue spruce.

This tree is commonly used as a windbreak or a screen in our landscapes.  They provide cover in the winter for small mammals and birds.  Norway Spruce is an excellent roosting tree for larger birds like hawks and owls.

Norway Spruce is a great evergreen tree species that can be planted in our area.  Due to the versatility of this tree, it brings a lot of value to our landscapes.

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