BALD CYPRESS, Taxodium distichum

Bald Cypress is a deciduous conifer native to much of the United States. Being deciduous, it is one of the few conifers that drops all of its leaves or needles in the fall.

Bald cypress is well suited to extremely wet conditions, in its natural environment it is commonly found in swamps, bogs, streams and other areas of high moisture. However, despite being a water loving species, it also performs very well in drier areas such as parks, parkways, parking lot islands, and other urban area settings. It can often be found in residential settings planted in the yard as a shade tree. Bald Cypress can be safely planted along sidewalks and driveways because it is typically deeply rooted.

Bald Cypress is hardy in USDA Zones 5 through 10 and is surprisingly drought tolerant when established. It has soft green summer foliage that turns to a coppery orange/russet color in fall before dropping. The tree is relatively fast growing on good sites, and can reach up to 50 feet high and 25 feet wide in 25 years.

Bald Cypress has very few serious problems. Bagworms will occasionally feed on the foliage, and if the soil is very alkaline the tree may exhibit yellowing/chlorosis of the foliage.  Its urban tolerance is good being moderately salt and air pollution tolerant, plus resisting “heat island” effects well with adequate moisture.

The Bald Cypress is an excellent tree species to include in our ongoing “diversified species list” of trees suitable for the urban forest.

Harold Hoover, Board Certified Master Arborist


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