We have all saw it before, “Workers Ahead” signs.  The dreaded orange cone season when it comes to road work or the blocked off sidewalk due to some sort of utility repair or construction.  Tree work does this as well and you would be amazed how often the general public disregards these warning signs and the safety risks those actions can cause not only to the general public themselves, but the tree workers as well.

When it comes to arboriculture, the very nature of the industry is working in urban areas where there are people around.  The nature of the work is also very intriguing to the general public. We have had instances where people come out of their homes just to watch our teams at work, as we climb throughout the tree and remove large pieces of wood.  In Chicago and other large urban centers, this risk is extremely high due to the density of population.  Hence, it is extremely important that we clearly identify our work zones to the general public to keep them, the property, and ourselves safe.  You will notice orange cones along side our parked trucks, our staff in hi-vis apparel, warning signs indicating work ahead, and even restrictive ribbon or bars to keep people from walking along the sidewalk.  We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of the general public and to complete the job as efficiently as possible in order to allow for minimal delay for anyone that comes upon one of our work zones.

Believe us, we want you to great through our work zone just as quick as you do.  But we do have to make sure that it is safe for everyone and that we are able to get through the work as quickly and safely as possible.  So, the next time you see “Tree Work Ahead,” restrictive bars, or ribbon blocking off a sidewalk, please abide by them and either find an alternate path or wait until it is safe to pass.  We appreciate your cooperation in this and appreciate the opportunity to enhance our urban forest every day!

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