After these past weekends of endless snow shoveling and freezing temperatures, it might be hard to believe that Spring is around the corner but, we are in luck. Woodstock Willie is just as ready for Spring as we are. The first sign that Spring is coming was confirmed by Mr. Willie and we could not be more excited and ready.

The second sign that Spring is coming is brought to you by Kramer Tree Specialist Plant Health Care Department. This week we will have completed the first batch of PHC Renewals for our Commercial clients. So, check your inbox and contact our PHC office to get signed up for the 2021 season.

As we approach the Springtime, it is also very important to constantly evaluate the overall health of your trees. You can always contact your ISA Certified arborist to stop by and give an evaluation.

Monitor programs are also available for those who would like to keep a closer eye on their trees. The Monitor program consists of seasonal visits that are made by our ISA Board Certified Master Arborist. Each visit also includes a written report discussing observations and any additional recommended services. Monitoring throughout the year provides the opportunity to identify changes in tree health and structure, allowing for courses of action to begin in a more appropriate time frame.

If you would like to add a monitor program to your 2021 proposal, please let our PHC office know or contact your arborist directly.

We look forward to the 2021 season! Thank you for your continuous support and for the opportunity to be the caretaker of your trees.

Kramer Tree Specialists Plant Health Care Department

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