Mulch – Best Management Practices

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch – Best Management Practices When done correctly, top dressing tree rings and planting beds with mulch is one of the highest benefiting practices homeowners can do for the health of their trees and woody ornamentals.  However, when mulch is applied incorrectly, it can adversely affect plants.  Mulch that is too deep, piled against the […]

Spring Tree Care Tips

Larch - Hydration

Spring is the perfect time to review your trees and get them prepared for the season of growth.  This quick list will provide you with guidance and tips to set your trees up for a successful growing season. Cleaning – “spring cleaning” is not just for the interior of your home.  This is a very […]

2021 Renewals are OUT!

Plant Health Care Fertilization

After these past weekends of endless snow shoveling and freezing temperatures, it might be hard to believe that Spring is around the corner but, we are in luck. Woodstock Willie is just as ready for Spring as we are. The first sign that Spring is coming was confirmed by Mr. Willie and we could not […]

2016 iLandscape™ Show Coming Soon!

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February 3rd through 5th marks the 3rd annual iLandscape™ Show. iLandscape™ teams up the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) and the Wisconsin Green Industry Federation (WGIF) to bring a top-notch Show that is sure to excite and educate. iLandscape™ offers landscapers and other people in the green industry the opportunity to see new products, listen […]

“Spooky” Landscapes for Halloween

  Get creative this Halloween with landscape decorations that will scare away goblins and ghouls. It’s easy to use what already exists in the yard. Dress up small ornamental trees as ghosts by draping them with ghostly sheets. Boo! Trees also make excellent spots to hang ghosts, bats, crows, and other frightening decorations that are […]

PHC on the Lookout – Spring Cleaning for the Yard!

Just as we air out the house and clean areas neglected during the winter, it’s also important to tidy the yard and get it ready for the upcoming growing season. Leaves and plant debris left over from the previous year can harbor diseases that will carry over to the following year. Keep in mind, there […]

Tip of the Week – Ease Winter Woes with a Winter Garden

Winter may seem dreary and dull, but it allows trees and shrubs to reveal distinct features that are otherwise hidden by foliage. Brightly colored twigs, weeping branches and interesting bark texture are just a few examples of the unexpected pleasure a landscape can provide in winter months. A mix of deciduous and evergreen trees and […]

Tip of the Week – Looking for Mulch? We’ve Got It!

  Kramer Tree Specialists offers a wide variety of mulch choices, suitable for any situation. Mulch plays an important role in the health of your landscape. While there are many options and appearances, the most important aspects of mulch is that it provides protection from cold and helps retain moisture in the soil during dry […]

Tree of the Week – Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis)

The Limber Pine is an Evergreen and a member of the white/five-needled pine group, sub species ‘Strobus’. Its’ native habitat is the mountains of the western United States and Canada. The Limber Pine is typically found in higher elevations, often marking the “treeline”, which is defined as the conditions that limit trees to grow and […]

Tip of the Week – Winterizing the Landscape

Old Man Winter is just around the corner. The typical Midwest winter brings icy temperatures and cold winds that can really do damage to the landscape. Taking a few precautionary steps in the fall will make a big difference the next growing season. First and foremost, continue to water newly planted trees and shrubs until […]