Air Spade Demo - w/City of Chicago Forestry Department & Contractors

This photo depicts an Air Spade demonstration for the City of Chicago Forestry Department facilitated by our own; Jeff Kramer, Diego Gutierrez & Tim Ayers. Other key participants in this demo included representatives from Peoples Gas, City of Chicago employees, HBK Engineering, Jacobs & Meade Electric. Aged natural gas pipelines routed throughout the city are being replaced as a public improvement project. John Kirchner, Director of Forestry for the City of Chicago established this demonstration in an effort to reduce the impact of this improvement project on the health of our urban trees. Incorporating our air spade will allow workers to carefully excavate around the trees without damaging critical anchor roots. In the past, companies may have excavated through these root systems which has resulted in damage and tree failure. While we are all focused on sustaining a greener environment, this sort of teamwork and partnership is a critical aspect to our success.

If you are need in any training or feel a demonstration would be beneficial for you, we would be happy to hear from you.  Contact us today to see if this might be something beneficial for your company or organization.

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