Competitive Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Champions

Competitive tree climbing has helped mold our industry over many years, actually decades. It all started in the late 70’s and was molded after what was called the Lineman Rodeo. That event was put on by utility companies and the competition was an aerial rescue on a utility pole. Line clearance tree trimers got wind […]

Safe Practices Handling Storm Damaged Trees

Storm Damaged Trees

Summertime is here in the Midwest which means thunderstorms and the potential for severe weather.  Severe weather and trees are a bad combination, in many cases resulting in damage to the tree as well as surrounding structures or other targets.  Summer can be of heightened risk as our deciduous trees have all their leaves, which […]

Tip of the Week – TLC for your Trees

Chicago area trees are slowly starting to wake up from their winter dormancy. Spring rains seem to bring “instant green” overnight. The beautiful spring colors also a great indicator that it’s time for landscape rejuvenation and care. Trees in urban and suburban settings benefit from special attention to keep them healthy and happy. Do your […]

Celebrate Earth Day 2016!

The beautiful spring days we are experiencing makes it more enjoyable than ever to get outside and take advantage of all that Mother Nature offers. Earth Day events and activities are a great reminder to celebrate and cherish the planet. April 22nd marks over 45 years of Earth Day celebrations. The Chicago area offers a […]

Tip of the Week – Aiming for Tree Diversity

Prior to the Emerald Ash Borer, streets in many local communities were lined with Ash trees. Elm trees in the area and all over the country have suffered from disease. Both tree species were heavily used and planted in urban settings. When a tree disease or insect is introduced into a community the devastation can […]

Tip of the Week – Tis the Season for Giving

The Holiday season is well under way. Gifts, wrapping paper, holiday cards and treats of all sorts are just a few things we expect during the Holidays. Of course, giving is just as important as receiving. Openlands TreeKeepers® is one way to give back to local Chicago area communities by identifying potential tree problems and […]

We Love You Mom!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you may be scrambling to come up with gift ideas. Of course, you know your Mom best, but let these ideas inspire you. There are a wide variety of activities to explore throughout the Chicago area: Does your Mom like the theater? There are performances from the Blue Man […]

Tip of the Week – Ease Winter Woes with a Winter Garden

Winter may seem dreary and dull, but it allows trees and shrubs to reveal distinct features that are otherwise hidden by foliage. Brightly colored twigs, weeping branches and interesting bark texture are just a few examples of the unexpected pleasure a landscape can provide in winter months. A mix of deciduous and evergreen trees and […]

Tip of the Week – Replace that Ash!

With the recent ravage of the Emerald Ash Borer across the Chicagoland area, homeowners and landowners are left wondering how to fill the open areas in the landscape. Many Chicago villages have plans in place for trees located in parkways, but removed Ash trees on a homeowner’s property are usually the homeowner’s responsibility. There are […]

Celebrate Earth Day 2014!

Pick up litter, start composting, create a work of art using only recycled materials or start a windowsill vegetable garden. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. Established in 1970, April 22nd is designated as a day to encourage appreciation for the Earth and our environment. There are events and celebrations occurring throughout the […]

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