Pick up litter, start composting, create a work of art using only recycled materials or start a windowsill vegetable garden. There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day. Established in 1970, April 22nd is designated as a day to encourage appreciation for the Earth and our environment.

There are events and celebrations occurring throughout the Chicago area. Many local Universities, museums and zoos are hosting speakers, exhibitions and fairs celebrating our Earth.  Click here for a list of activities planned throughout Chicago. The Friends of the Parks in Chicago organizes an annual park clean-up project that brings together individuals and groups dedicated to cleaning Chicago area parks.

Live in the Suburbs? Many communities have workshop events, festivals and other opportunities for celebrating Earth Day locally. Check with your local Park District for more information.

Earth Day is a fun way to celebrate all that our planet offers, in addition to offering the opportunity to give something in return. Make every day Earth Day!

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