As we all do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many of us are doing so by working out of our home offices. For some, this may be the first time and for others, it may be simply a little more than usual.  Either way, it’s a different environment than the traditional office and takes some getting used to.

Once we can get passed the challenges our kids or significant others can present during the workday, we must make certain to make our home office comfortable inside and out.  Some of us may find that our home office is more comfortable than our traditional office.  You are more likely to have a window view at your home office than the traditional office and that view can increase your productivity and reduce your stress.  Studies have shown that a short view of a green space or nature can improve your attention and focus during the day and make you better prepared for that next task.  Here is a study from a few years back in Australia –

Numerous studies like this can be found on a quick Google search, but what can you do to gain this benefit at your home office? Whether your window view at your home office is directly from your desk or from another spot at your home, taking a break, and viewing a green space is within everyone’s reach. Maintaining the trees in your landscape will enhance your view and things you can have done include pruning, plant health care treatments, or planting a new tree to enjoy for years to come!

Enhance your home office view to improve your productivity, reduce mental fatigue, and have a beautiful landscape to enjoy during the workday and during your leisure time! Now is the time and thanks for helping to enhance our urban forest!

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