Our Urban Forest is More than Trees – Michigan Lilies

Michigan Lily

Michigan Lilies: A Hidden Gem in Illinois Exploring the beauty of nature is a past time for many.  Extensive travel is not necessary to fall upon spectacular sights.  So much of nature’s beauty can be found along the local recreational paths offered throughout our counties and forest preserves.  There is nothing better than stumbling upon […]

Planting & Watering Practices For Your New Tree

Spring is a time of year when tree planting comes to the forefront of many people’s minds. Arbor Day is April 28th and with that and other events in the Spring, come tree giveaways or discounted trees. If you are reading this before May 20th, 2023, come find our booth at Blooming Fest in West […]

Right Tree Right Place


Planting a tree is one of the best, low-cost investments property owners can do for themselves and for the community.  Trees clean air, prevent erosion, manage stormwater, cool landscapes, provides beauty, and increases property values, to name a few.  These benefits are only enjoyed when the right tree is planted in the right place.  Proper […]

Tip of the Week – Winter Beauty with a Winter Garden

This time of year, outdoor color and interest is usually lacking. Annuals have finished their season, perennials have died back and deciduous trees and shrubs have become bare. But don’t lose hope. There are many striking options to add color and attraction in the winter landscape. One option is evergreen trees and shrubs, which add […]

Tip of the Week – Landscaping to Promote Energy Efficiency in the Home

Trees and shrubs not only have aesthetic appeal, they also serve useful purposes in a landscape. If planned and planted properly, trees and shrubs help maintain or deflect heat from a home, block strong winter winds and provide insulation. The key is to properly plan, with these goals in mind. A home gathers much of […]

Winter Tree Care & Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

In a recent issue of Landscape Management e-magazine, a Certified Arborist shares great tips on winter tree care. He discusses the benefits that trees and clients can assume: Prevention or risk reduction of damage to trees and home before a winter storm, early detection of structural issues and homeowner’s savings! To read more on this […]

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