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“Big Bad Wood”, a television show appearing on the National Geographic Channel is a reality program centered on the dangers of tree work. Rather than highlighting tree work performed by professionals using industry safety standards, it glorifies dangerous situations when proper precautions aren’t taken. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) are drafting a joint statement voicing their concerns about this program. ISA realizes Arboriculture can be dangerous when unsafe practices are utilized, but accidents are avoidable when trained Arborists perform the tree work using industry safety standards.

We, along with many other tree care companies take the importance of safety and professionalism very seriously for our staff as well as our clients and their property.  The continued advancement of safe work practices and professionalism within the Arboriculture Industry is imperative for providing a high quality product and service for our clients.

KTS is committed to balancing the Performance Triangle when performing all tree work. The Performance Triangle includes Safety, Quality and Productivity. Safety is the foundation of the triangle and always takes precedence. Click here for more information on KTS safety program.

If you would like to also express your opinion regarding the TV series “Big Bad Wood”, you can send an email to comments@natgeochannel.com

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  1. I am an ISA certified arborist employed by the Village of Glenview. The Discovery Channel, along with many other channels such as NatGeo, Animal Planet and the like have jumped on the bandwagon of providing contrived “reality” shows which excite the senses rather than educate. After watching only five minutes of “Big Bad Wood” I had to switch to different programming as I felt the scenarios and behavior of the crews being depicted we’re complete fiction. These shows, I believe, are 100% staged and meant to entertain those with no knowledge of the tree care industry. It’s a shame that channels that were once meant to provide real insight and quality documentaries have resorted to contrived shows to boost ratings.

    1. Thank you for your comment and information on the subject. We recently posted a follow up blog with a link to the letter written by ISA and TCIA to National Geographic television, regarding Big Bad Wood. The letter addresses the concerns raised by professional and Certified Arborists and tree care businesses that are working hard to promote the highest industry safety standards.

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