Competitive Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Champions

Competitive tree climbing has helped mold our industry over many years, actually decades. It all started in the late 70’s and was molded after what was called the Lineman Rodeo. That event was put on by utility companies and the competition was an aerial rescue on a utility pole. Line clearance tree trimers got wind […]

How To Identify Professional Tree Care for Your Trees


Finding a contractor for any work at your home or property can be a daunting task. When you have work to be done you typically don’t have knowledge of the work in need of being done, hence the need for identifying a competent professional. So, how do you tackle this task? Luckily, many industries have […]

Tip of the Week – The Importance of Using an Accredited Tree Company

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Tree pruning, bracing large branches, removing trees and treating trees for diseases and insect infestations are just a few services many tree companies offer. All of these services require specialized knowledge and trained individuals to perform the tree work safely, efficiently and accurately. But what does this mean to the homeowner considering tree work at […]

The International Society of Arboriculture defends Tree Care Professionals

Bucket Truck Pruning

“Big Bad Wood”, a television show appearing on the National Geographic Channel is a reality program centered on the dangers of tree work. Rather than highlighting tree work performed by professionals using industry safety standards, it glorifies dangerous situations when proper precautions aren’t taken. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry […]

2013 TCIA Expo coming to Charlotte, North Carolina

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The World’s largest tree care Expo and Conference is November 14-16 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The annual Expo and Conference, hosted by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) offers leaders in tree care, business and safety the opportunity to network and compare products and services. Kramer Tree Specialists is excited to have several representatives attending […]

Kramer Tree Specialists Employee Recognition Program is featured in TCIA Magazine

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Since 2011, Kramer Tree Specialists has recognized and rewarded employees that have discovered potential safety risks and taken the steps to have the hazards corrected. The July 2013 issue of TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) magazine explains this program and the benefits reaped by the employee, company and community at large. Click here to read […]

Electrical Hazards Awareness Program Workshop Recap

  In April, Kramer Tree Specialists hosted the 1st TCIA sponsored Electrical Hazards Awareness Program [EHAP] workshop in the greater Chicago area. Our own employee, Tim Ayers, recently became certified by TCIA as one of two Chicago area EHAP instructors. Tim is responsible for the Safety & Human Performance program at KTS. Tim’s experience of […]

TCIA Regional Meeting Recap!

The first ever regional TCIA meeting was hosted by Kramer Tree Specialists last Thursday, January 24th.  Peggy Drescher, the TCIA Regional Outreach Coordinator, led the meeting and invited Tim Ayers, Kramer Tree Specialists Safety Director, and Eric Peterson, Arborisk Insurance Certified Advisor, to present on recent changes in the ANSI Z133 Standard, address on-the-job injuries […]