Having a CDL as an arborist is critical to growing your career and earning potential in the arboriculture industry. Many of the vehicles used in commercial arboriculture require a CDL, some of which are Class A or B. We require our staff to earn their CDL Class A with air brakes endorsement. This then allows the driver to drive both A and B-rated vehicles and trailer combinations.

Currently in Illinois, those acquiring a CDL are not required to go through formal classes or training. They are however required to pass a written test to acquire their CDL permit and then a subsequent road test for their official CDL license. Rightfully so, these skill tests ensure that those driving large vehicles and trailer combinations on our roads are educated in the vehicles as well as how to operate them safely.

At Kramer Tree, we help guide and assist our staff on both the written test and the road test. As to the written test, much of the effort is on the individual to study and successfully pass the test. We will help acquire the necessary study materials and guide you along the process of taking the test. After acquiring your permit, you will then spend numerous weeks driving our trucks with another CDL licensed driver in the cab. This will provide you the necessary experience and grow your skills as a driver. When it comes to the road test, we are much more hands-on to help teach you pre/post-trip inspection procedures as well as road and driving skills. We have numerous CDL licensed staff who will help with the skills and area of focus that you will need to successfully pass the test. Our team will go through the pre/post-trip inspection and road tests, including a mock road test. Once the individual passes our tests and is approved by our designated instructor, they will then utilize our truck and trailer to go and take the actual test. Our goal is to ensure your success when acquiring your CDL.

Having a CDL Class A will be highly beneficial in growing your arboriculture career. This credential and climbing skills are arguably the two most coveted skills sets when it comes to employee demand in commercial arboriculture. No doubt our team has a variety of skills sets beyond these, but these two are a huge step forward for an individual with a desire to be a production arborist or plant health care technician. Start your career as an arborist now, check out all our job openings and we will help you grow your career as an arborist!

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