Tree Cabling Gives a Second Chance

Broken Silver Maple

As practitioners of professional arboriculture, it is our goal to make decisions that lead to trees in our urban forest to be as healthy and safe as possible. When it comes to structural integrity of trees, we will never be able to eliminate risk or hazards completely. Yet, there are practices that we can do […]

Competitive Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing Champions

Competitive tree climbing has helped mold our industry over many years, actually decades. It all started in the late 70’s and was molded after what was called the Lineman Rodeo. That event was put on by utility companies and the competition was an aerial rescue on a utility pole. Line clearance tree trimers got wind […]

Kramer Tree Specialists CDL Training Assistance

Mulch Products

Having a CDL as an arborist is critical to growing your career and earning potential in the arboriculture industry. Many of the vehicles used in commercial arboriculture require a CDL, some of which are Class A or B. We require our staff to earn their CDL Class A with air brakes endorsement. This then allows […]

Hydration For Safety and Peak Performance

Larch - Hydration

It has been an extremely dry spring in our area along with hot temperatures, which appears to be continuing into the summer season. This is great news for beach seekers and water park enthusiasts, but these types of conditions prevent challenges for our trees as well as for anyone who works outside. Hydration is critical […]

How To Identify Professional Tree Care for Your Trees


Finding a contractor for any work at your home or property can be a daunting task. When you have work to be done you typically don’t have knowledge of the work in need of being done, hence the need for identifying a competent professional. So, how do you tackle this task? Luckily, many industries have […]

Tip of the Week – DIY or Hire a Professional?

With home ownership comes the responsibility of caring for the home, both inside and out. Many small tasks can easily be accomplished by the home owner and don’t require the services of a professional. Tree care is similar to other home duties. General maintenance tasks, such as changing the filters on your furnace are easily completed […]

PHC on the Lookout – Plant Pests in the Winter

While they aren’t actively feeding and causing damage, many insects that attack trees and shrubs don’t completely disappear in the winter. Insects have a variety of means for surviving cold temperatures and returning in warmer weather to wreak havoc in the landscape. In the late fall, many insects enter a type of dormant stage on […]

Tip of the Week – How to Protect Trees during a Construction Project

Whether it’s adding on to an existing property or building a brand new structure, precautions can be made to keep the established landscape intact. First and foremost, consult with a Certified Arborist prior to beginning the project. A Certified Arborist will determine which trees can be saved. Tree species and varieties vary in tolerance to […]

Tip of the Week – Removing Deadwood

Trees are just about completely bare and winter will soon set in. Now that most trees have lost their leaves, it’s an excellent time to assess the safety and condition of your trees. Winter is the ideal time to prune most tree varieties. The tree is not as vulnerable to disease and insects when pruned […]

Tip of the Week – Identifying Heartwood Decay

  Also known as “Heart Rot”, Heartwood Decay is caused by a fungus that deteriorates the inner wood of a tree. Decay is a naturally occurring tree process. Many times, a tree uses its’ own defense mechanisms to stop the fungus and decay from spreading throughout the tree. Also, just like people, healthy trees are […]

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