The Morton Arboretum sponsored an educational event this past weekend for the Midwest Urban Tree Care Forum [MUTCF]. This involved training and networking for a group of college students interested in arboriculture. The event started with a dinner on Friday night to get everyone acquainted, which then led into a weekend full of training. Kramer Tree Specialists Sales Manager, Paul Filary, attended the dinner and spoke to the students. On Sunday, Todd Kramer and Tim Ayers, both with Kramer Tree Specialists, conducted a session explaining ANSI Z133. This standard is considered a blueprint for our work. As these students begin their careers in arboriculture, we feel it is important that they understand how we conduct our business. This standard covers everything from vehicle use to inspecting our tools and tree climbing practices. After the brief indoor class, the students went outside for an opportunity to practice tree climbing. We were glad to be involved with this program, since it focused on expanding the knowledge of people interested in tree care.


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