Tip of the Week – Know the Value of your Trees!

Area Chicago communities, such as St. Charles are participating in The Morton Arboretum’s “Tree Tagging” initiative. “Tree Tagging” puts a dollar value on a tree, based on the tangible benefits that tree provides. The benefits are numerous. Trees improve air quality, shade homes during hot summer months and block cold winter wind, reduce water pollution […]

Kramer Tree Specialists involved in exciting event at Morton Arboretum this past weekend

The Morton Arboretum sponsored an educational event this past weekend for the Midwest Urban Tree Care Forum [MUTCF]. This involved training and networking for a group of college students interested in arboriculture. The event started with a dinner on Friday night to get everyone acquainted, which then led into a weekend full of training. Kramer Tree […]

Happy Arbor Day!

This coming Friday, April 27, 2012, is Arbor Day.  J. Sterling Morton, the father of Joy Morton (founder of the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL), is the founding father of Arbor Day.  Morton and his family moved to Nebraska in 1854, at that time Nebraska was a newly developed territory.  Morton had a strong fascination […]