The cooler temperatures we’ve experienced lately are an indicator of the changing seasons. Swimming pools and beach vacations are making way for football and changing leaf colors. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure your trees and shrubs are healthy. The droughts we’ve suffered recently have added stress to local landscapes. Not only did the Chicago area experience a severe drought in 2012, the region also faced a flash drought late this summer. These added stresses emphasize the importance of proper landscape maintenance and care.

While trees and shrubs go dormant in the winter, taking care of the soil is still important, and if done properly can be highly beneficial for plant growth in the spring. Soil is the building block to a healthy landscape and fertilizing is one method of supporting the soil. When fertilizing in the fall, it’s important to select a fertilizer that promotes strong root growth and doesn’t stimulate new growth late in the growing season.

Kramer Tree Specialists offers Bio-Green, which is an organic fertilizer blend that is injected directly in the soil beneath the canopy of the treated trees. Bio-Green contains beneficial fungi and other nutrients that promote strong root growth for optimal nutrient uptake and storage throughout the tree. Trees and shrubs that have experienced drought stresses are more vulnerable to disease and insect infestations and may not grow as vigorously. Bio-Green strengthens the plant’s immune system to fight off insects and other problems that may occur.

Call the Plant Health Care Department at KTS today to discuss Bio-Green fertilization of your trees and shrubs this fall season. Our trained specialists provide premium products and services that are most beneficial to your landscape.

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