Watering Bags – Easy Way To Water Your Tree

With the drought conditions that we have been experiencing, this spring and now into summer, everybody is looking for some kind of relief for their lawns and gardens. Driving down the street you will see most yards have gone dormant without any rain. In this vast landscape of brown yards, you will see some yards […]

Properly Watering Your Trees

Tree Planting - Properly Watering Your Trees

All living things need water to survive, from bacteria to giant Sequoias. All organisms, plants, and animals use water: salty or fresh, hot or cold, massive amounts of water, or almost no water at all. Without water, life would not exist. This year’s spring season has offered little rainfall to mention. Chicago and surrounding suburbs […]

Tip of the Week – Great Trees for Tough Situations

                      Looking for a tree ideal for tough situations commonly encountered in the landscape?  Three conditions that homeowners may have to contend with are: 1)    Drought prone areas 2)    Low and/or moist areas 3)    Shade benefiting areas   The trees best suited for each situation: […]

PHC on the Lookout – KTS is starting fall Bio-Green applications!

The cooler temperatures we’ve experienced lately are an indicator of the changing seasons. Swimming pools and beach vacations are making way for football and changing leaf colors. Now, more than ever, it’s important to ensure your trees and shrubs are healthy. The droughts we’ve suffered recently have added stress to local landscapes. Not only did […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continuing Drought Conditions Affect Area Landscapes

While the lack of snow and mild temperatures early this winter may be a welcome change for Chicago residents, it adds additional stress for trees and shrubs that have already suffered through the drought experienced last year. Often, plants that have suffered through drought conditions are more vulnerable to other plant diseases and insects. These […]

Tree of the Week – Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis)

The Limber Pine is an Evergreen and a member of the white/five-needled pine group, sub species ‘Strobus’. Its’ native habitat is the mountains of the western United States and Canada. The Limber Pine is typically found in higher elevations, often marking the “treeline”, which is defined as the conditions that limit trees to grow and […]

PHC on the Lookout – Preventing Winter Tree Injuries

Icy temperatures and snow are both characteristics of a typical Midwest winter. The winter season also affects our trees in a variety of ways. The susceptibility of a tree depends on a number of factors, including tree species and location in the landscape. The severity of weather extremes during the dormant period is also a major […]

PHC on the Lookout – Older Trees Need Water Too!

It may be common knowledge that new plantings require initial watering, until the plants become well established, but many people do not realize that more mature trees and shrubs may also need added moisture. This becomes especially necessary in times of severe plant stress, such as the drought experienced this year. While we have received […]

Tip of the Week – Experiencing Fall Needle Drop?

  Needle drop is a normal process in the lifecycle of an evergreen, but can be worrisome for homeowners not familiar with this seasonal change. Every needle on an evergreen has a certain life span. As it ages, the needle experiences a number of stages. This includes turning yellow, brown and eventually dropping off the […]

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