Tree in Winter

 This is a question the Plant Health Care Department has received lately. Some applications, such as tree trunk injections and certain spray applications will need to wait until next spring, but many soil treatments can still be done this year. This includes fertilization and Imidacloprid (insecticide) soil treatments. While we have experienced some morning frost, temperatures have not consistently remained cold. The ground has not frozen and will still allow for soil injections. Typically, the soil injection treatments can be done through November. Plus, the season could be extended if we continue to experience mild temperatures. The product injected into the soil this year remains active for the tree to use the next growing season. This gives the tree early season pest protection, in the case of an insecticide injection or a jumpstart for healthy growth when injecting fertilizer.

There are some tree treatments that are specifically designed to be applied during colder months. This includes Anti-Transpirant spray, which prevents Evergreens from losing valuable moisture during the winter and Dormant Oil, a pest control for many plant insects that overwinter on trees and shrubs. It’s not too late to protect susceptible trees and shrubs with these applications. Call us today for more information.

The Chicago area experiences typical Midwest weather. It’s unpredictable and is constantly changing. Call the PHC Department with any questions you have on treating your trees this year. Our business is to care for your trees in the most effective and successful manner possible.

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