With home ownership comes the responsibility of caring for the home, both inside and out. Many small tasks can easily be accomplished by the home owner and don’t require the services of a professional. Tree care is similar to other home duties. General maintenance tasks, such as changing the filters on your furnace are easily completed by the homeowner, while larger projects, such as installing a new furnace, will probably require the services of a professional.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if the needed tree care requires a professional:


The benefits of using a professional tree care company are numerous. Professional Arborists and tree care companies work according to American National Standards for tree care. They will safely perform the tree work, using the proper equipment and the liability is placed on the company, rather than yourself.

For the safety of yourself and your family, make certain you’ve made an informed decision on doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Do this before beginning any tree and shrub work.

Contact us for more information on the services a Certified Arborist can provide and the benefits of using a professional tree care company.

Click here to learn more about Kramer Tree Specialists qualifications and safety guidelines.

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