PHC on the Lookout – Zimmerman Pine Moth

The Zimmerman Pine Moth is a destructive pest that attacks several Pine varieties in the Chicago area. Preferred hosts are Austrian and Scotch Pine trees, but Eastern White and Mugo Pines are also attacked. The Zimmerman Pine Moth spends the winter as a young caterpillar, underneath the bark of its host.  Starting in mid to […]

PHC on the Lookout – Continuing Drought Conditions Affect Area Landscapes

While the lack of snow and mild temperatures early this winter may be a welcome change for Chicago residents, it adds additional stress for trees and shrubs that have already suffered through the drought experienced last year. Often, plants that have suffered through drought conditions are more vulnerable to other plant diseases and insects. These […]

Chicagoland Holiday Traditions

Whether you’re a Chicago native or a recent transplant to the area, there are wonderful local traditions that can be enjoyed and explored by all! One long standing tradition in Chicago is the Macy’s (formerly Marshall Field’s) window displays. The tradition began in the 1890’s when retailer Marshall Field transformed the store’s display windows into […]

Tree of the Week – Limber Pine

    Limber Pine is native to the Rocky Mountain Region, but is a great selection for planting in the Midwest.  It provides a more unique look compared to common Pines planted in the Midwest (Austrian, Scotch, White, etc.) and is resistant to commonly found diseases here in the Midwest such as Diplodia Tip Blight […]

Tree of the Week – Sweetbay Magnolia

Also known by its’ botanical name, Magnolia virginiana, the Sweetbay Magnolia is a wonderful addition to the landscape in usda hardiness zones 5-9. Creamy, lemon scented flowers appear in late June and are one of the most spectacular features of the Sweetbay Magnolia. In late summer, the beautiful flowers are replaced by scarlet red fruit, which […]

Pest to Watch For – Boxelder Bug

Mounds of writhing blackish and red insects, in mid-summer to early fall, are often an indication of a Boxelder Bug infestation. Although they are a nuisance, the Boxelder Bug does not actually harm the areas they congregate and because it may be a temporary stopping location, the bugs may be gone in just a couple […]

Air Spade Demonstration for the City of Chicago Forestry Department

This photo depicts an Air Spade demonstration for the City of Chicago Forestry Department facilitated by our own; Jeff Kramer, Diego Gutierrez & Tim Ayers. Other key participants in this demo included representatives from Peoples Gas, City of Chicago employees, HBK Engineering, Jacobs & Meade Electric. Aged natural gas pipelines routed throughout the city are […]