Kramer Tree Specialists offers a wide variety of mulch choices, suitable for any situation. Mulch plays an important role in the health of your landscape. While there are many options and appearances, the most important aspects of mulch is that it provides protection from cold and helps retain moisture in the soil during dry periods, in addition to delivering nutrients to the soil. All of the mulch choices Kramer Tree Specialists offers will provide these attributes.

Kramer Tree Specialists is an excellent source for high quality, dyed mulch.  Available colors are red, brown, black and gold. The rich color will last all season, due to the multi-step process used to dye the mulch. In addition, the colorants used to dye the mulch are environmentally safe and are not harmful to people or animals. Click here for more information on the benefits and characteristics of dyed mulch. Choose the color that best suits your landscape!

Kramer Tree Specialists also offers a highly popular Special Blend Mulch and a Leaf Mulch. Click here for more information on all the mulch choices offered by Kramer Tree Specialists.

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