This time of year, outdoor color and interest is usually lacking. Annuals have finished their season, perennials have died back and deciduous trees and shrubs have become bare. But don’t lose hope. There are many striking options to add color and attraction in the winter landscape.

One option is evergreen trees and shrubs, which add much needed appeal during dark and dreary winter days. Choose from lovely shades of blue, green, gold and a wide variety of sizes to fit particular locations. There are many types of spruce, juniper, pine and arborvitae that thrive in Northern Illinois. Carefully research evergreen varieties for cold tolerance, sun and soil requirements, in addition to winter interest to ensure the evergreen is appropriate for the chosen location.


A winter garden isn’t just limited to evergreens. Many deciduous trees and shrubs offer hidden winter beauty that shines through as the season progresses. Red-stemmed shrubs offer dramatic flair when placed near blue hued evergreens. Osage orange and Japanese maple trees provide appealing branch structure long after leaves have fallen. Many birch tree varieties offer unique bark textures and color. Hawthorn and holly bush varieties reveal winter fruit that brightens a dreary outdoor season.

Using a combination of evergreens and deciduous trees and shrubs that offer winter interest will extend the beauty in your landscape. Combat the winter blues by creating winter beauty in the garden. Click here for more information on creating a garden with winter interest.

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