Fall Mulch Application – Benefits of Natural Wood and Leaf Mulch

Kramer Tree Specialists Mulch Products - Red Dye Mulch

Mulch is a cyclic treatment for our urban trees and landscapes. It breaks down naturally over time providing biological benefits and recycling back into our urban forest. Prior to breaking down it also provides aesthetic benefits for the beauty of our urban landscapes. Applying mulch is often associated with the spring season, but fall is […]

Kramer Tree Specialists assisting with Illinois Institute of Technology Class Project

In the summer of 2013 an exciting class is taking place at the Illinois Institute of Technology, through their Interprofessional Projects Program. The class title is Business Study of Alternative Uses of Brewers. It is a class exploring the alternative and green uses of spent grain, which is a by-product when brewing beer and created […]

Tip of the Week – The Importance of Fall Leaf Clean Up

The spectacular fall display of leaf colors is breathtaking. The brilliant reds, sunny yellows and oranges are wonderful to view, but what causes the timing of the color change? A number of factors determine when leaves begin the change in color.  Shorter days and longer nights is the most influential factor, but temperature and rainfall […]

Tip of the Week – Leaf Mulch

While it’s still warm now, soon enough cold winds will start blowing and Winter will settle into the area.  Fall is the ideal time to prepare your landscape for the upcoming cold season. It’s important to protect trees, shrubs and other landscape plants from old man winter. This can be done in a number of […]