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While it’s still warm now, soon enough cold winds will start blowing and Winter will settle into the area.  Fall is the ideal time to prepare your landscape for the upcoming cold season. It’s important to protect trees, shrubs and other landscape plants from old man winter. This can be done in a number of ways, with proper mulching at the top of the list. Mulch protects plant roots from freezing temperatures, maintains moisture levels, and improves soil quality, in addition to many other benefits. There are numerous mulch choices available. It’s important to evaluate the benefits of each choice and choose a mulch product best suited for your landscape and needs.  

Leaf mulch is composed entirely of leaf debris. There are no woody ingredients, such as bark or stems in leaf mulch. The benefits of using leaf mulch are the same as other mulch products, but leaf mulch will decompose faster than a woody mulch to provide vital nutrients in the landscape. Leaf mulch can be used around trees, shrubs, perennials and vegetable gardens. Because it decomposes quicker, it’s important to replace leaf mulch on an annual basis. Applying leaf mulch in the Fall gives the plant roots protection from cold temperatures and feeds the soil as the mulch decomposes into the ground.

Kramer Tree Specialists provides a high quality leaf mulch ideal for landscape use. KTS leaf mulch is gathered from local trees only. It is shredded twice to ensure the leaf mulch does not blow away immediately after applying in the landscape. A layer of 3-5” of leaf mulch should be applied to prohibit weed growth and to make sure the plants receive optimal benefits from the mulch.

Please contact us to help you determine the best mulch material for your landscape. Our trained specialists are happy to answer questions.


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