afe96 urban canopy besArea Chicago communities, such as St. Charles are participating in The Morton Arboretum’s “Tree Tagging” initiative. “Tree Tagging” puts a dollar value on a tree, based on the tangible benefits that tree provides. The benefits are numerous. Trees improve air quality, shade homes during hot summer months and block cold winter wind, reduce water pollution by intercepting rain run off before it reaches sewers and trees keep cities cooler and its’ inhabitants healthier.

Trees in urban settings have enormous value, both tangible and intangible. The beauty of a landscaped home has practical purposes, along with the aesthetic significance. Trees increase the value of a home, in addition to reducing energy costs when well-placed trees shade a home from the hot sun or block winter winds. Researchers have determined that for every $1 we invest in trees, we get back about $2.70 in benefits. But there are some benefits that are more difficult to put a dollar amount on. Trees provide a relaxing and less stressful environment, plus a sanctuary for urban living. These are values that provide benefits to everyone in the community.

Click here for more details on the “Tree Tagging” initiative started by The Morton Arboretum in celebration of Arbor Day 2013. Everyone can get involved in learning the value of our trees!

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