Children have returned to school and temperatures have cooled recently, but it’s still summer according to the calendar. Trees still require our attention and care. There are many tree maintenance chores that will help keep trees happy and healthy.

Reduce tree stress caused by dry and hot summer days by offering supplemental watering. If moisture hasn’t been offered by Mother Nature for the past two weeks, it’s time to step in. Large, established trees may also require moisture. Keep in mind that a 90 foot tall tree can lose almost 100 gallons of water per day. Most trees function best with 1 inch of water per week. Some tree varieties prefer even more water when temperatures rise. For example, birch, pin oak and tuliptrees are happier with an average of 3 inches of water per week. Tree watering methods include drip irrigation, using a soaker hose or sprinklers. Click here for more information on proper tree watering.

Besides watering, there are a number of other important landscape duties that continue through the summer and fall. Applying mulch around your trees and shrubs will reduce moisture loss, regulate soil temperature and may prevent lawn mower damage by keeping lawn equipment away from the base of trees and shrubs. Just make sure the mulch is kept a few inches from the tree trunks. Leaf and plant debris clean-up is also an important duty to continue through the seasons. Fungal diseases were rampant this year, due to our wet, cool spring. Removing fallen leaves from the landscape helps prevent the spread of many common fungi.

Pruning is one landscape duty that may be best delayed until winter or the dormant season. Of course there are situations when waiting to prune is not an option. For example, storm damage or if the health of the tree is compromised. But if waiting is an option, disease transmission may be lessened by pruning during the tree’s dormant period. KTS offers clients the opportunity to take advantage of dormant season tree care services. Click here for more information.

Continued care of your trees and shrubs will keep your landscape happy and healthy for years to come.

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