What is a sustainable landscape? Considering the environmental impact that the landscape will have is the first step when creating a sustainable landscape. A sustainable landscape respects the local climate and wildlife, which in turn can potentially reduce the need for excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and watering.

Selection of plants that are conducive to your existing environmental conditions will help to achieve a sustainable landscape. Plants native to your area are perfectly adapted to local climate and other biotic life. On site conditions and planting location are other factors to take into account when creating a sustainable landscape. Ultimately, how big will the plant grow? What are the sun and water requirements for this plant? Ask yourself these questions before placing a tree or shrub in the landscape.  Determine the plant’s needs when selecting trees, shrubs and perennials for the landscape. Click here for information on selecting a tree for Illinois landscapes.

The ultimate goal of a sustainable landscape is that the plants are able to survive with minimal input from outside sources.  The more reflective you can make your landscape of the natural environment in which your selected plants grow in, the less likely you are to need outside sources such as fertilizers, excess watering or pest control treatments.

A great example of sustainable landscaping is becoming a common practice in the southwestern portion of the United States, this type of landscaping is called xeriscaping.  This type of sustainable landscaping focuses on utilizing drought tolerant plants, which don’t require excessive water.  It is more reflective of the natural environment in that part of our country.

Working your way towards these goals creates a self-sustaining landscape that functions in harmony with the local environment.  Click here for more information on creating a sustainable landscape.

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