KTS Mulch

The benefits of mulch are numerous. Maintain soil moisture and temperature, improve soil structure and reduce weed growth are just a few of the practical benefits. But don’t forget about the decorative benefits. Kramer Tree Specialists offers excellent options that satisfy both the practical and aesthetic advantages of mulch.

Kramer Tree Specialists has included an Enhanced Special Blend Mulch, which is a great addition to the KTS mulch products available this season. KTS took the highly popular Special Blend Mulch and added a deep, brown color which maintains the rich, dark hue longer throughout the season. The Enhanced Special Blend Mulch has all the practical benefits of the Special Blend Mulch and our Dyed Brown mulch, but a little less dye added and thus a reduced cost per yard than the Dyed Brown mulch.

Kramer Tree Specialists offers mulch options that fit any landscape situation. Click here for more information on the available mulch products.

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