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Protected tree at a construction site

 Whether it’s adding on to an existing property or building a brand new structure, precautions can be made to keep the established landscape intact. First and foremost, consult with a Certified Arborist prior to beginning the project. A Certified Arborist will determine which trees can be saved. Tree species and varieties vary in tolerance to construction disturbance. In addition, if you’re committed to saving as many trees as possible during the construction process, work with a contractor that will take into account your desires. Depending on the size of the project, some trees may need to be removed.  But taking the proper steps and precautions will protect the established landscape from unnecessary damage.

The part of the tree that experiences the most damage during construction is the root system. Every tree that will stay in the landscape needs protection during the construction process. Each tree should have a barrier around it to prevent large construction vehicles from driving over important root systems. Consult with your Arborist to determine how wide to make the barriers around each tree. Barriers also prevent the likelihood of damage above ground. Broken branches and open wounds leave the tree susceptible to diseases and insects. After the tree barriers have been established, mulch around the trees to reduce moisture evaporation. During dry periods, watering may be required both during and after the construction process.

There are other steps and precautions that can be taken to minimize construction damage on valuable trees. A Certified Arborist can outline the steps to take before, during and after the construction project. For example, root pruning is a technique that severs the root systems of trees. This protects the trees from damage during the construction process. After construction ends, fertilization and pruning may be advised. KTS has the proper equipment and experience to see the project through, from start to finish.

Before starting any construction project, contact KTS. We are dedicated to protecting your trees. Also, check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information on the services KTS provides.

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