Tree Roots and Structures

  Tree roots often times get a bad wrap, they get blamed for many structure problems (uprising the sidewalk, cracking foundations, etc.).  The tree’s roots are not always the “root”

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Mulch Growth

There are typically three types of fungi that occasionally appear on the surface of organic mulches.  They are:  mushrooms or toadstools, slime molds, and bird’s nest fungus.  The names of

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Tree Decline Due to Improper Planting Depth

In years past improper planting techniques were extremely widespread, causing the death of many a transplanted tree. Unfortunately, in spite of the educational efforts of those in the field of Arboriculture, improper techniques are in practice today. Some studies have found 93% of excavated trees had excessive soil or other material covering the root collar.

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Heat Island Effects

The term “Urban Heat Island Effect” refers to the phenomenon of city settings having temperatures anywhere from 2–10 degrees higher than the outlying countryside. Symptoms of initial injury show up as leaf desiccation, caused by high temperatures combined with low moisture levels.

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Large Healthy Limb Removal

Occasionally we are called upon by our clients to remove healthy limbs from trees. These limbs can appear to be a hazard to our clients because they may be hanging over a roof or wires. Perhaps they just drop messy apples onto their lawn. What ever the reason, we can appreciate their concerns; however, as Certified Arborists, we have an ethical obligation that will not allow us to perform an act that is detrimental to the health and or appearance of a tree.

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Wood Rots and Decay Fungi

Almost all species of woody plants are subject to trunk and limb decay. Wood decay is one of the most important tree problems in the urban landscape. The progressive deterioration of woody tissue in both living and dead trees can occur in a relatively short time (months) or can grow slowly, taking years.

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Although our hope is not to continue to see “topped” trees in an urban area, we unfortunately still see the desecration of the trees along with receiving calls requesting us to “top” trees. The good news is the practice of topping trees has been drastically reduced from 20 years ago.

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Surface Roots

Tree roots growing at or slightly above the soil surface are called surface roots. For many home owners these roots are a nuisance as they dull mower blades, trip running feet, buckle sidewalks and crack driveways on occasion.

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