Tree Green Leaf Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

The temperatures are warming and we are experiencing consistently more days and nights above the freezing mark. Warmer temperatures mean a whole host of migrating birds will soon be upon

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Cedar Quince Rust

Fun-gi Friday – Cedar Quince Rust

This week’s fungus, Cedar-Quince Rust.  Cedar-quince rust is caused by the fungal pathogen, Gymnosporangium Clavipes. This fungus infects a wide range of plant material; plants in the rose family such as hawthorns,

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Turkey Tails -Trametes Versicolor

Fun-gi Friday – Turkey Tails

One of the most common mushrooms in North America found virtually anywhere there are dead hardwood logs and stumps to decompose is the Trametes Versicolor fungus, commonly called Turkey Tails.  The sporocarp,

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Fun-gi Friday

Inonotus dryadeus (aka. Polyporus dryadeus). Commons Names: Oak bracket, warted oak polypore, weeping polypore or weeping conk This is a very common fungus found on oaks trees, but other hardwoods can also

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Leaf Litter


Who didn’t enjoy jumping into a giant pile of leaves as a kid?  Or, enjoy watching your own kids have that happy moment!  The Fall is a wonderful season of

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Fungus Lucidum

Fun-gi Friday

The fungus pictured here is Ganoderma lucidum.  They show up summer through fall.  G. lucidum is a very common root and butt rot of most hardwood trees.  Oaks, maples, and Honey locusts are

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Saluting Branches

Coming together as one for a common cause is a powerful action that can make a major difference.  We are proud to support a cause of this nature each year

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