Woolly Oak Leaf Gall

Leaf and Twig Galls Oh My!

There are thousands of leaf and twig galls that impact numerous types of trees and plants. There are more than 500 different galls that impact oak trees alone! In almost

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Codominant Stems on Urban Trees

Urban trees and forest stand trees have a variety of different stresses impacting their growth and longevity. Forest stand trees have evolved over time to naturally address and handle these

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Tree Green Leaf Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker

Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

The temperatures are warming and we are experiencing consistently more days and nights above the freezing mark. Warmer temperatures mean a whole host of migrating birds will soon be upon

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Cedar Quince Rust

Fun-gi Friday – Cedar Quince Rust

This week’s fungus, Cedar-Quince Rust.  Cedar-quince rust is caused by the fungal pathogen, Gymnosporangium Clavipes. This fungus infects a wide range of plant material; plants in the rose family such as hawthorns,

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