We often get questions from our clients about what it is that we use for our dyed mulch products and if it is safe or not for their pets, family, and plants.  The colorants that we utilize are from Amerimulch, owner of the Heartland Enriched Colorants brand.  All of the colorants that they produce are water-based rather than solvent-based as used in other industries.  They design all their colorants to be very low in VOC’s (volatile organic content) and to be safe and environmentally friendly for your pets, family, and plants.  For more information on Heartland Enriched Colorants, you can check out their website at http://amerimulch.com/colorants/mulch-colorant-safety/

Another common question we get is why people like dyed mulches.  Dyed mulches will bring a vibrant look to your landscape and be able to hold that color for more than one season.  Depending on the amount of sunlight into your landscape setting, will determine how many seasons you will get out of one mulch application.  All of our dyed mulch products are done so with a machine patented by Amerimulch, which is specifically designed for coloring mulch and ensures an even and consistent coating of each piece.  This allows for the most consistent colored mulch process and the highest quality product for our clients.  We have three dyed mulch products which include brown dyed, enhanced (1/2 the amount of colorant as brown dyed) and red dyed.  Learn more about all of our mulch products and determine which one will be best for your landscape. https://www.kramertree.com/mulch-products.html


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