It’s amazing we are already nearing the end of the summer, but the wonderful autumn season is soon to arrive!  The weather is still going to be great for a few more months and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our landscapes and prep our landscapes for the coming winter season.

Temperatures have been to the extremes the past few winters and there is no reason to expect anything different this coming winter.  One way you can help your trees and plants over our cold winters are to ensure good mulch coverage to help moderate the soil temperature.  Doing this will help mitigate root loss or damage and maintain the viability of our trees or plants.

Leaf mulch is a great economical option for doing this. Leaf mulch is different than simply mulched leaves.  Leaf mulch is much more fertile and ready to provide those nutrients to your plants and soil.  Other benefits of leaf mulch include a great looking product to display your landscape and how quickly it breaks down compared to wood mulch. As the mulch breaks down it provides improved fertility and organic matter content to your soil.  Both of which are natural processes that act as a natural fertilizer to your trees and plants.

Be certain to contact our office and learn more about our current leaf mulch sale or see what other mulch products of ours that might work for your trees and plants.  Still, plenty of time to enjoy our landscapes and enhancing our physical and mental health by getting outside and enjoy the many benefits of nature!

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