Ahhhh, Spring!!  Soon enough it will be time to put the warm clothes away and start pulling out your summer clothes!  Pull out the grill and light it up as you enjoy the warmer days and evenings!  What also comes with this time of year is the opportunity to have the landscape of your dreams!  The largest and most important aspect of your landscape, are the trees!  The first step in ensuring their longevity and beauty is mulch!  As you may have read under our Mulch Benefits page, proper mulching plays a vital role in the health and maintenance of the trees in your landscape.

Mulch not only plays a key role in the health and maintenance of your trees, but it also significantly enhances the look of your landscape as well!  We are introducing three new dyed mulch products for the 2011 season!

Blonde Mulch

Brown Mulch

Red Mulch

These three new mulches are very similar in make up compared to our old stand by, Special Blend Mulch.  The obvious difference is the color contrast that they will offer to your landscape design.

Color in your landscape is just as important as the multiple levels contributed by the varying sizes of the plants in your landscape.  The color helps make your overall design standout and be even more visual!

Tell us which color would work best in your landscape!

Enjoy the Spring weather!!







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